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Affordable Housing 

Affordable Housing


The aim of the Pinpoint affordable housing service is to offer you a wider selection and choice of housing options across the Greater Manchester region, offering various types of home-ownership schemes and packages to support you in your endeavour to get on to the ladder of home ownership.

Affordable Housing in the Greater Manchester Region is co ordinated through Plumlife, which is the HomeBuy agent appointed by the Homes & Communtiies Agency. Pinpoint will show you some of the schemes available but Plumlife will provide further information and process any application you may make for the different types of affordable housing available. The link to their website is to the left of this page.

More Information

To find an affordable housing option that suits you and your family’s needs and budget, simply search the wide variety of options available across the region. Whether you are looking to rent first and buy later or venture directly onto the home ownership ladder, there are many different options, schemes and packages available for you, your family and your budget .

You can search for the home you want, the type of property that suits your current circumstances, in the areas you would like to live.

The range of housing options across Greater Manchester that are available are designed to meet your needs, expectations and aspirations.

There may be some options that you hadn’t heard of and would like more detailed information on or maybe you didn’t know were to find out about them. Plumlife will provide you with detailed information on the scheme you are interested in and advise you on the different criteria which may be relevant.

Pinpoint lets you search from a one-stop–access point when and where it suits you to.

Some of the different types of schemes available.

  • First Time Buyers Initiative-FTBi

FTBi makes more affordable homes available to first time buyers priced out of the housing market. It is part of the Government’s new 'HomeBuy' low cost home ownership initiative and is available through HomeBuy agents across Greater Manchester. Its aim is to help people who have a steady income to get a foot hold on the owner occupier housing ladder.  

  • HomeBuy Direct

With HomeBuy Direct, the buyer purchases a new home on a HomeBuy Direct development with assistance from the Homes and Communities Agency and the house builder in the form of two equity share loans. This is not a shared ownership scheme.

For more detailed information click here HomeBuy Direct

  • New Build HomeBuy

Is a government backed shared ownership scheme. This is a part-buy, part-rent scheme for people who cannot afford to buy a home with a high street available mortgage. This is a way to buy a share in a home you can afford now with the option to buy more of it in the future. You will need a minimum level of income/savings depending on the value of the home you want to buy.

  • Social HomeBuy

Social HomeBuy is available to some tenants of housing associations or local authorities who participate in the scheme. It provides eligible assured or secure tenants the opportunity to buy a share in their rented home, or to buy their home outright.

  • Rent to HomeBuy or Intermediate Rent

Rent to Home Buy or it is sometimes known as Try Before you Buy. They are all different names for the same type of product. You can move into a newly built or renovated home. Houses and apartments are available and you only pay 80% of the market rent value for an agreed period of time, usually its 3-5 years. At any point during your tenancy you can buy your home but there is no obligation on you to do so. If you don't take up the option to buy at the end of the period you simply vacate the property as per the terms of your tenancy agreement.

  • HOLD Scheme

The HOLD scheme is a specialist scheme to enable people with long-term disabilities to own a share of their own home giving people opportunity and choice of accommodation that meets their needs whilst offering an alternative tenure which is available to other members of the community.

Who is typically eligible?

Single people, couples and families who have regular income.

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