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Council rented accommodation in Greater Manchester 

Council Housing in Greater Manchester


Council Housing

Council housing is available across Greater Manchester and is managed in a variety of ways. Some council housing is still owned by the local authority and some has been transferred to not for profit organisations.

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Council is the traditional rented housing provider. Sometimes these properties are rented through an appointed agent of the council. This type of accommodation is often allocated on a needs basis, determined by the local authority’s allocations policy. There are usually specific set criteria to determine who has the highest priority and who will be allocated the property. The council will allocate properties to applicants in the highest need from their waiting list.

Council properties are often in high demand.

Most of the local authorities across the Greater Manchester region operate a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) element to their allocation policy. Available properties are advertised through local authority publications and websites. People looking for council housing in the borough can then bid for homes through the website, by phone, by text message, or by filling in special coupons depending on which means of bidding system each local authority uses.

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) allows tenants and prospective tenants to bid for the available council properties they are interested in. It’s a system that allows customer choice, rather than homes being allocated by the local authority via a waiting list.

The bid is an expression of interest and no money is exchanged.

You can also bid for council properties across the Greater Manchester region using the Pinpoint service.

To bid via Pinpoint you will have to be registered with one of their partner organisations.

Who is typically eligible?

Single people, couples and families.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How old do I have to be to apply for a council home?

    Usually 18, but some councils may allow 16/17 year olds to sign up for a property. You will have to meet specific criteria and have income to support it. The income could be benefit based; you don’t necessarily have to be in employment. If you are under 18 you may not be granted a secure tenancy until you reach the age of 18 years.

    I have rent arrears from a previous tenancy will I still be able to apply for a council home?

    Yes, you will be able to apply for rehousing, however you may be refused or have your application suspended until some payment has been made. Some housing providers have set limits on the level of arrears they will accept from a previous tenancy. It is always worth checking with the local housing provider and be honest on your application for rehousing. Some housing providers will take into account special circumstances which have led to the arrears accumulating in the first place.

    Do I have to be in employment to apply for a council home?

    Not generally, however some councils may operate a local letting policy where you need to be in work or training to qualify for accommodation. It is always advisable to read the advert before placing a bid for the property to check if there is any specific criteria.

    Can I have pets in council accommodation?

    You can only have pets in some council properties. It is worth checking the advert before applying for accommodation if you have a pet.

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