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Affordable Housing

The aim of the Pinpoint affordable housing service is to offer you a wider selection and choice of housing options across the Greater Manchester re...

Affordable Housing

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Council rented accommodation in Greater Manchester

Council Housing Council housing is available across Greater Manchester and is managed in a variety of ways. Some council housing is still owned by t...

Council Housing in Greater Manchester

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Independent Living Schemes


Sheltered Housing for the over 55's

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Private rented accommodation in Greater Manchester

Private rented housing A private rented home is a property that is owned and managed by a private landlord or their representative. The Gover...

Private Rented Housing

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Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership Shared ownership or New Build Home Buy, this is a part-buy, part-rent scheme for people who would not be considered for a mortga...

Shared Ownership

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Need to Downsize?

Are your housing costs becoming too much to manage? Are you facing a shortfall between the rent you pay to your housing association and how much th...

Take in a Lodger

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Young People 18/25

This section will provide further information and contact details for those aged under 25 looking for help and advice with their housing options.

Young People 18/25

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